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How do you cut a ';v'; in your ingrown toenail?

I heard all this talk about cutting a v in your toenail to fix an ingrown toenail. does it work? how do you do it, because I have a little of ingrown toenail. Thanks.How do you cut a ';v'; in your ingrown toenail?
your nails grow from the bottom in the nail bed, they don't grow at the top, meaning they won't grow together where the ';v'; is cut, this is an old wives' tale, My dad use to do it, never helped.

Soak an ingrown toenail in warm water, after soaking try to put some cotton between nail and skin where it is poking in. Also apply some neosporin and keep covered.How do you cut a ';v'; in your ingrown toenail?
It worked for my mum and I when we had ingrown toenails. Until they got to the point where they had to be surgically fixed.

Cutting a 'V' in the nail is simply that.

On the top part of the nail, when you go to cut your nails, cut a 'v' shape wedge into the centre of the nail. Leaving the area on each side short.

You need to do this every time you cut the nail and it takes some time to work.

Eventually the nail edges will grow towards the 'v' so pulling the problem ingrown corner of the nail out. And retraining it to grow in the correct way.
I had never heard of this and didn't know what you were talking about, but a simple search returned the following. ';Cutting a notch (a “V”) in a toenail will relieve the pain of ingrown toenails.'; .... it's a myth according to
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  • What is the best way to prevent an ingrown toenail?

    If you trim your toenails too short, particularly on the sides of your big toes, you may set the stage for an ingrown toenail. Like many people, when you trim your toenails, you may taper the corners so that the nail curves with the shape of your toe. But this technique may encourage your toenail to grow into the skin of your toe. The sides of the nail curl down and dig into your skin (see Figure 1). An ingrown toenail may also happen if you wear shoes that are too tight or too short.

    When you first have an ingrown toenail, it may be hard, swollen and tender. Later, it may get red and infected, and feel very sore. Ingrown toenails are a common, painful condition--particularly among teenagers. Any of your toenails can become ingrown, but the problem more often affects the big toe. An ingrown nail occurs when the skin on one or both sides of a nail grows over the edges of the nail, or when the nail itself grows into the skin. Redness, pain and swelling at the corner of the nail may result and infection may soon follow. Sometimes a small amount of pus can be seen draining from the area.

    Ingrown nails may develop for many reasons. Some cases are congenital--the nail is just too large for the toe. Trauma, such as stubbing the toe or having the toe stepped on, may also cause an ingrown nail. However, the most common cause is tight shoe wear or improper grooming and trimming of the nail. Figure 2 illustrates the anatomy of a toenail.

    Treatment Options

    Ingrown toenails should be treated as soon as they are recognized. If they are recognized early (before infection sets in), home care may prevent the need for further treatment:

    Soak the foot in warm water 3-4 times daily.

    Keep the foot dry during the rest of the day.

    Wear comfortable shoes with adequate room for the toes. Consider wearing sandals until the condition clears up.

    You may take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief.

    If there is no improvement in 2-3 days, or if the condition worsens, call your doctor.

    You may need to gently lift the edge of the ingrown toenail from its embedded position and insert some cotton or waxed dental floss between the nail and your skin. Change this packing every day.

    Treatment Options: Surgical

    If excessive inflammation, swelling, pain and discharge are present, the toenail is probably infected and should be treated by a physician (see Figure 3A). You may need to take oral antibiotics and the nail may need to be partially or completely removed (see Figure 3B). The doctor can surgically remove a portion of the nail, a portion of the underlying nail bed, some of the adjacent soft tissues and even a part of the growth center (see Figure 3C). Surgery is effective in eliminating the nail edge from growing inward and cutting into the fleshy folds as the toenail grows forward. Permanent removal of the nail may be advised for children with chronic, recurrent infected ingrown toenails.

    If you are in a lot of pain and/or the infection keeps coming back, your doctor may remove part of your ingrown toenail (partial nail avulsion). Your toe is injected with an anesthetic and your doctor uses scissors to cut away the ingrown part of the toenail, taking care not to disturb the nail bed. An exposed nail bed may be very painful. Removing your whole ingrown toenail (complete nail plate avulsion) increases the likelihood your toenail will come back deformed. It may take 3-4 months for your nail to regrow.

    Risk Factors/Prevention

    Unless the problem is congenital, the best way to prevent ingrown toenails is to protect the feet from trauma and to wear shoes and hosiery (socks) with adequate room for the toes. Nails should be cut straight across with a clean, sharp nail trimmer without tapering or rounding the corners (see Figure 4). Trim the nails no shorter than the edge of the toe. Keep the feet clean and dry at all times.What is the best way to prevent an ingrown toenail?
    Cut nails straight across rather than tapering at the sides. This instruction for cutting toenails has been around since I was a child 80 years ago.What is the best way to prevent an ingrown toenail?
    Cut the nail straight across and don't round the edges.
    Keep cuttin your toe nails.. but not to short
    Cut your toenail straight across, not below the skin line. Make sure you use toe clippers not hand clippers (different design)
    When you cut your toenails, cut them straight across.
    My son gets them all the time because he likes to pick at this nails.....Keep them trimmed and straight across. I soak his feet in warm water if I notice one is starting and after his foot is done soaking I pull the skin away from the toe nail.
    i get them all the time...i got them so bad on one toe the the scar tissue from them actually makes them worse...BUT to prevent them you have to cut your nails at an angle and make sure that no little sliver of nail is hanging off...or jsut let them grow far enough past that when you cut them they arent cut back to teh nail bed area

    keep your toenails trimmed
    dig it out with nail clippers

    Should I just leave this ingrown toenail?

    Ok I posted a question before this on home remedies, 2 answer which where cut a v... the nail is too short and i can't and too lift the nail above the skin-far too painful and i can't get anything in as it just pops right back into place.

    Can I just leave it, it is not infected just a little red, will it heal if I leave it be?? If not what can i do as it is very tender.Should I just leave this ingrown toenail?
    Keep it clean. Instead of trying to pull the nail out, squeeze the flesh around the nail so it doesn't cover the nail. Do that 2-3 times a day and hold it for 60-120 seconds each time. It might hurt but you'll feel relief when you let it go. That's what I do.Should I just leave this ingrown toenail?
    Can you take a very tiny piece of cotton off a q-tip or cotton ball and wedge it under the nail with the tip of something? I have done this to my son and it really helped. I used one of those wooden nail sticks to push it under and another time used the tip of a tiny scissors. Don't cut your toe nails if you tend to get ingrown nails. Just use a large heel file to file them flat across. I never, ever cut my nails to prevent this problem. Good luck.
    ok I get these all the time!

    My 1st one hurt really bad and I just went to the doctor and got it cut out.

    The ones i get now i just try to leave alone.Sometimes if it doesn't hurt REALLY BAD I soak it in alcohol and get the nail nice and soft.then I take a nail file and try to file it down

    but since yours is really tender and probably hurts a lot, you should go to the doctor and get it cut out.The most painful part about it is the shot they give you to numb it up.then they just wrap it gauze and give you somecream to put on it.It grows back within a week I think...

    When it does go away, instead of cutting your toenail,file it.

    You don't get ingrown toenails that way!


    hope this helped!
    Just keep it clean. And if you can't cut it, you should go to a foot doctor.

    Will the army not let me join with ingrown toenail?

    hey, does anybody know, that will the british army. still let me go to ITC catterick ? with a ingrown toenail? cause i know theres a medical facility there, but not 100% sure. but anyway, i start training next week. but just recently got a ingrown toenail, ive passed ADSC etc.. but i cant exactly do much about my nail in a week.Will the army not let me join with ingrown toenail?
    Start soaking the toe in warm water for about 20 minutes.About 2 or 3 times a day. Add a little bleach in the water. It wil acts as a a disinfectant' You should be fine by the time you are ready to go..Will the army not let me join with ingrown toenail?
    get it taken out, by a foot docter, i get mine out maybe a day, day after i call to scedule an appointment

    How do you fix an ingrown toenail?

    Its on my big toe on the nail bed on the outside.

    It hurts so bad.

    How do i fix it?

    i';ve heard that you cut a V in it or something like that but im not sure what to do.How do you fix an ingrown toenail?
    Cutting the V shape in the toenail is actually to help prevent ingrown toe nails. It sounds like yours is already past that. Try soaking your foot in some warm water with some epsom salts (drug store) and then gently trying to loosen the skin so that you can try and clear the infection. If it's too sore to touch you may need to see a doctor, they will numb the toe and help work out the infected skin that way. Sorry, I know those really hurt.

    Should you treat your own ingrown toenail?

    Or should a doctor do it?

    I'm 15 and I have an ingrown toenail and it hurts so bad it's practically throbbing every minute and I can't even walk well.

    And how much does it cost for a doctor to do it?Should you treat your own ingrown toenail?
    No no no no no! Do not try to treat it yourself! Trust me, I have had both my big toes ripped apart by ingrown toenails. I tried every home remedy you could think of (cutting the V into it, shoving cotton under it, soaking it in salts) and it just made them worse. My were so bad that...well the details are gruesome so I won't elaborate. I got to the point where I couldn't put a sock on, never mind walk on it. Your best bet is to go to a podiatrist. I did and my toes have been fine ever since.

    Edit- When I went to the podiatrist, they gave me about 3 shots in my toes. Once they were nice and numb, they cut out the ingrown parts. They actually cut the sides down past the cuticle and then poured acid on the cuticle to stop if from growing back. Your toe will look disgusting for about a month or two, but in time, they will look like normal toe nails again. I assure you, going to the doctor will be worth it.Should you treat your own ingrown toenail?
    I work for a podiatrist (foot doctor) and generally people make it worse when they do it themselves. If you have insurance, they only charge a copay usually. I live in the southeast and the average price for someone that does not have insurance can range from $150 to $200 depending on if they do a partial or full removal of the nail.
    ive had my toe nail removed by my doctor a total of 3 times now, this is now the fourth time it has come back, im not sure if im just unlucky or if there doing sometihng wrong but i would still suggest you try the doctors meathod first, trust me ive gone my own way of trying to pull it out or cut it away and it just isnt worth it + theres a great risk of infection if it isnt allredy infected go to your doctor, have it removed properly and have them kill the nail bed...

    EDIT - I live in Canada where health care is free so for me the cost was nothing at all... hopefully your insurance will cover any major costs to you...

    I hope it works the first time, i know all about this

    Best of luck!
    I am a trained nurse, and I know better than to try to treat an ingrown nail, see a doctor, get er done.
    go see a doctor and let them get paid for something

    How to home-fix an ingrown toenail?

    I have an ingrown toenail, and its not that bad right now, but i want to fix it before it gets worse, WITHOUT going to the doctors.

    should i just dig into my toe with a knife and rip out the toenail part?How to home-fix an ingrown toenail?
    A It would be much better to just cut your toenail with toenail clippers. Just put the edge of the clippers slightly under the nail and slowly work it towards the edge that is giving you problems. Don't get it too far under, but just enough so that you find the side of the nail when you reach it and then clip it straight across. Check the links below. They give you reasons for ingrown your shoes perhaps.

    Certain conditions like diabetes or other conditions can make ingrown toenails more serious problems if they lead to infections so be careful.How to home-fix an ingrown toenail?
    Try and lift the nail over the skin every day - this may mean trying to push the skin over from the nail, too.

    You can buy kits from shops which will soften the nail making it easier to try and move. I think mine cost about $10.

    I'm sure you already know that the longer you leave it, the worse it can get. If worst comes to worst, the doctor will simply cut off half of your toe-nail. Oh, and for future reference; Make sure you cut your toe nails properly in future to avoid it happening again :)

    Good luck!
    cut a v in the middle of the nail this makes the nail grow to fill the v worked for me
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